EМ-6429 Automatic patterned wafer micro defect inspection system

Wafer inspection is performed at the stage of patterning the process layers (photoresist, metal, polysilicon, nitride, oxide and silicon) using the die-to-die or cell-to-cell comparison method in order to detect local defects resulted from foreign particles (dust, residual resist, etc), crippled integrity of the process layers (scratches in thin films), pattern defects (mouse bites or protrusions at the feature edges, feature breaks, shorts, etc).

The inspection is carried out in reflected light with the wafer illuminated in the wide spectrum bright-field or dark-field.


Minimum detected defect size, µm0.250.18
Inspected wafer diameter, mm100; 150100*; 150; 200
Inspection throughput, mm2/s1510
XY stage resolution, nm5
Power consumption, not more than, kW1.5
* - option