Planar JSC


KBTEM-OMO Joint Stock Company (“KBTEM-OMO” JSC) started its activity in 1962 as an optical-mechanical equipment division of KBTEM (Design Office for Precision Electronic Engineering).

December, 16, 1991 in accordance with the order of the Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Belarus #82, Scientific and Production Republican Unitary Enterprise KBTEM-OMO was set up with a legal entity status as part of the State Scientific and Production Corporation for Precision Engineering Planar.

From 2011 KBTEM-OMO is officially acknowledged as Scientific Institution by the State Committee on Science and Technology of the Republic of Belarus and National Academy of Science of Belarus.

January 23, 2014 the Republican Unitary Scientific and Production Enterprise KBTEM-OMO was transformed into a Joint Stock Company «KBTEM-OMO» («KBTEM-OMO» JSC).

The main line of activity of KBTEM-OMO is the scientific and technological development as well as production of special opto-mechanical, process, inspection and measurement equipment.

The total number of employees is 542, including R&D personnel – 215: Doctor of Engineering Science - 2, and PhD - 5.


KBTEM-OMO is a member of the following international organizations:

Картинка SPIE - The International society for optics and photonics


Картинка SEMI - Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International


Картинка LAS - The International Laser Association of CIS and Baltia


Our products have been exported to the following countries: Russia, Germany, China (including area Taiwan), Italy, South Korea, Mexico, India, Poland, Israel


Advanced optical based solutions for photomask and wafer patterning, automated inspection and mask repair:

- for photomask patterning:

    - pattern laser generators
    - automatic mask inspection systems
    - mask repair systems
    - photorepeaters

- for lithography:

    - automatic mask aligners (steppers)
    - systems for contact transfer (printing) of images
    - systems for double-side alignment
    - microscopes

Products of optical and mechanical production:

- optical components, optical coatings:

    - opto-mechanical components
    - Deflectors
    - Aspherical parts
    - Prisms
    - Interference beam splitters
    - Raster parts
    - Lens
    - Plane-parallel components
    - Wedges
    - Basic and working test glass
    - Mirrors
    - Antireflection coatings
    - Products made by photolithography, including vacuum stages

- Linear pulse motors, including:

    - Single-axis
    - Double – axis
    - Multiple – axis
    - Rotary

- Products of mechanical production:

    - Molds for casting under plastic pressure, elastomers
    - Transfer molds under aluminun alloy pressure
    - Stamp
    - Devices and special cutting tools for machining process production
    - Separate mechanical parts and assemblies

Devices and certification services in the area of electromagnetic compatibility and compliance to ISO, IEC, EN, etc standards.