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Equipment for direct writing on wafers

Pattern generators are considered to be complex tools in manufacturing of semiconductor devices. High requirements to such equipment can be met only with the help of high-end technology.

KBTEM-OMO has extensive experience in the development of opto-mechanical equipment. The model line of multichannel laser pattern generators for microelectronics built on the raster scan concept is characterized by exceptional functional features:

  • direct writing on wafers (maskless optical lithography);
  • overlay option;
  • high throughput;
  • process switch to mask writing mode.

The universality of such high-performance equipment makes it indispensable for scientific institutions and microelectronics manufacturers.


EM-5489 Multichannel solid state laser pattern generator

EM-5589 Multichannel laser pattern generator

EM-5289B Multichannel laser pattern generator

EM-5189-02 Multichannel laser pattern generator