Planar JSC
Tools for proximity exposure and double-side lithography

EM-5026xx series and EM-5096 tools are intended for pattern alignment on photomasks and wafers (substrates) and further transfer of this pattern from mask to wafer through contact (proximity) exposure of wafer photoresistive layer.

Main features:
- wedge compensation and wafer thickness compensation without contact with the photomask;
- 3 coordinates (X, Y, Q) high precision wafer manipulator with coarse and fine alignment modes;
- ability to handle 0.2 mm to 0.8 mm wafers made of fragile materials (GaAs, LiNbO3) and rectangular substrates;
- built-in vibration protection unit;
- energy saving mode.


EM-5026AM Mask aligner

EM-5096 Mask aligner

EM-5026M1 Mask aligner

EM-5026B Double-side mask aligner

EM-5106 Mask aligner

EM-5126 Mask aligner