Laser-based mask defect repair systems

The laser-based mask defect repair systems are intended to repair photomasks with transparent and opaque defects.

A contour-projection method is used to form an optical image for the repair of opaque defects. Transparent defects are repaired through the laser-stimulated vapor deposition of metal-organic compounds. Defects are detected automatically on the bases of the defect file formed at the inspection stage.

The model line of the laser-based mask defect repair systems, developed and manufactured by the company, is presented in the table as follows:

Production from 20096th generation: 90 nm technology nodeEМ-5131Rmin=250 nm
Production from 20075th generation: LCD (900х600 mm repair area)EМ-5201Rmin=500 nm
Production from 20014th generation: 350 nm technology nodeEМ-5001ВRmin=500 nm
Production from 19953th generation: 800 nm technology nodeEМ-5001AMRmin=1.1 µm
Production from 19902rd generation: 1.0 µm technology nodeEМ-5001ARmin=1.5 µm
Production from 19901nd generation: 1.5 µm technology nodeEМ-551BRmin=2.0 µm




Large-field laser-based mask defect repair system


Laser-based mask defect repair system

Laser-based mask defect repair system