Precision pattern generators

Pattern generators are considered to be the most complex devices in mask making. High requirements for such equipment are met only with the help of high-end technology.

Scanning laser generators represent a new generation of multichannel laser pattern generators for making masks, reticles and direct writing on wafers without any die size limitation. The pattern generator enables to make high precision features on the mask, to write phase shift masks and optical proximity masks. Pattern generation time depends on die size only and is irrespective of the layer pattern complexity.

- Original reference pattern generation technique
- Electro-optic system to control laser radiation
- X-Y stage on magneto-air cushion with the use of linear step motor and laser interferometer.
PLANAR has a big experience in the development of laser pattern generators. Presented herein is the model line of multichannel laser pattern generators for microelectronics built on the raster scan concept.



Multichannel laser pattern generator

UV pattern generator