Automatic mask inspection


Automatic mask inspection

Mask pattern inspection is of dominant significance in the semiconductor industry. Single microscopes as well as powerful optical systems are used for submicron structures.


KBTEM-OMO developed the model line of systems for the automatic inspection of reticle patterns.
Creation of the systems for the 45-60 nm technological node was a response to meet newest requirements of modern time.

Production from 2009 7th generation: 65-45 nm technology node EМ-6729 Rmin=65 nm
Production from 2008 6th generation: 110 nm technology node EМ-6329B Rmin=150 nm
Production from 2006 5th generation: 180 nm technology node EМ-6329R Rmin=250 nm
Production from 2001 4th generation: 350 nm technology node EМ-6029B Rmin=500 nm
Production from 1995 3rd generation: 800 nm technology node EМ-6029АМ Rmin=800 nm
Production from 1991 2nd generation: 1.0 µm technology node EМ-6029А Rmin=1.0 µm
Production from 1987 1st generation: 1.5 µm technology node EМ-6029 Rmin=1.5 µm