EМ-6339 Automated microsize inspection system

The system is intended for measurement of critical feature dimensions on photomasks protected with pellicles on both sides at frame height of 6,5 mm. Mask size up to 178x178 mm. Mask loading and unloading is made by gripping device at L/U position of the working stage.

Main features:

  • high definition optical system;
  • 0,5 µm min feature inspection and 0,35 µm feature assessment in 365 nm UV range (i-line);
  • observation channel with a large observation field provides the operator with comfortable pattern viewing in visible light;
  • automatic focusing;
  • high precision object stage;
  • LED illumination.



Size range of inspected features for X and Y, µm0,5 ... 30
Mean square root deviation of size inspection, not more than, nm2
One feature inspection time, not more than, s1
Lens focal distance, mm6,9
Maximum videocamera viewing area size, mm0,65x0,8
Maximum magnification, not less than, x8000
Work stage travel range, mm200x200
Work stage travel speed, mm/s
Work stage increment, not more than, µm0,1
Power consumption, not more than, W800