EМ-5309 Multi-purpose laser pattern generator


EМ-5309 Multi-purpose laser pattern generator

The generator is designed to generate patterns on metallized photomasks in the production of ICs, semiconductor devices, HICs, photoelectric convertors, LCDs, high precision PCBs, special measurement and test masks used both for the production, R&D and training purposes.

A microphotosetting technique is used to form a pattern.

The generator is somewhat special for its 1µm feature size on the large work stage of 300x300 mm.

The generator exposure system uses a mono-block pulsed molecular nitrogen laser at wave-length of 337 nm, with light pulse duration of 6...8 ns and working frequency up to 1 kHz.
Laser output power: 240 mW.

The pattern generator is equipped with the alignment system.



Aperture size range, µm1...300
Throughput (for regular structures), mln. exposures/hr1.7
Exposure field size, mm300х300
X-Y stage resolution, nm50
X-Y stage positioning accuracy, nm±150
Aperture resolution, nm100
Aperture rotation, degrees0...90
Aperture rotation accuracy, degrees0.025
Power consumption, not more than, kW3