State Prizes and Awards


State Prizes for KBTEM-OMO developments


State Prize of the Republic of Belarus

"The work on development and introduction of a competitive cluster of precision equipment used for manufacture of high-precision master photomasks having electronic device patterns".

Prizewinners: Matyushkov V.E., Avakov S.M., Yuditskiy V.A.


State Prize of the USSR

"Development and introduction of unified interactive hardware-software systems of the "Kulon" ["Coulomb"] family.

Prizewinners: Zuev V.P. and other specialists from the Ministry of Electronics.


State Prize of the USSR

"Technology development, development of automated systems and introduction of electronic devices for laser processing of film materials".  

Prizewinners: Matyushkov V.E. and other specialists from the industry.


State Prize of the USSR

"Development of a cluster of automated precision optical-mechanical systems for microelectronic industry".   

Prizewinners: Malto V.I., Raihman Y.A., Kadomskiy I.A., Zaitsev V.A., Svidelskiy A.P.


State Awards Recipients

2003         Drozd A.S.                       "Honoured Worker of the Industry of the Republic of Belarus" Medal

2002         Vashevko V.I.                  Distinct Work Medal

2002         Kornelyuk A.I.                  Francysk Skaryna Medal

2002         Drozd A.S.                       Francysk Skaryna Medal

1986         Balabanovich V.A.             Distinct Work Medal

1971         Zaitsev V.A.                     Order of the Red Banner of Labour


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