KBTEM-OMO JSC representatives visited MIC in Taiwan

On October 03-05 2016, Director S.M.Avakaw and Head of Marketing Dept O.V.Sych, who represented KBTEM-OMO JSC,
visited MIC (Marketech International Corp.) in Taiwan.


KBTEM-OMO JSC representatives visit MIC

Marketech International Corp. (MIC) is a professional integration technology service and tool provider for inspection of photomasks and wafers, LCD process and inspection, and clean room turnkey projects.


The KBTEM-OMO executives presented the range of products and fabrication and process capabilities of the company.

MIC demonstrated interest in elaborate study and tryout of KBTEM-OMO products. With this in view, the side agreed to maintain contacts and arrange for mask sample fabrication using KBTEM-OMO tools.

The visit is intended to strengthen business links with foreign companies and promote scientific and technical cooperation.



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