EM-5186 Double-side alignment mark placement system

The EM-5186 system is designed for mark placement on the bottom side of the wafer (substrate). The mark is aligned with alignment marks on the top side of the wafer (substrate).

The system allows to manufacture double side lithography wafers (substrates) with traditional lithography equipment.

The tool can be used for manufacturing of semiconductor devices, hydrid, optical, optoelectronic and other devices, MEMS, MOEMS.

EM-5186 allows to form marks on transparent substrates.


Substrate size*, mmØ76; 100; 150; 200; 60х48
Substrate thickness, mm0.3 ... 10
Random component of marks alignment accuracy on both sides of the substrate, µm0.3
Power supply/Power supply frequency, V/Hz230/50 ... 60
Power consumption, not more than, W300
Weight, not more than, kg250

*Subject to customer requirements