Scientific development

Basic lines of development of the domestic microelectronics are specified in the State program on development of the radio-electronic industry for 2006- 2010 and Edict of the President of the Republic of Belarus No. 483 of October 17, 2005.


The above documents stipulate development and mastering of submicron technologies, and launching submicron production with design rules up to 0.18 m. Meeting these objectives will require providing wafer fabs with new equipment, both developed previously and being developed within the framework of the Microelectronics state program,  scientific and technical programs of the Union State of Russia and Belarus, which will enable development of a wide range of VLSIs of different functionality designed for application specific, consumer and industrial devices. This will allow to save a considerable amount of currency resources.


In this context, KBTEM-OMO is committed to development of the next generation optical-mechanical and inspection systems for industrial use in the microelectronics production within the framework of the state program: To develop and serialize new microelements for industrial and consumer devices, exportation based on highly efficient integrated technologies and new generation of optical-mechanical, inspection and assembly equipment, approved by decision of the Government of the Republic of Belarus No. 5 dated January 4, 2006. 

This activity provides for development of a set of the key optical-mechanical and inspection equipment for industrial use in the microelectronics production, including EM-5389 multichannel laser pattern generator, EM-5131 reticle repair system, EM-6429B automatic wafer inspection system intended for VLSI manufacture at the 90-nm node, and EM-6729 automatic reticle inspection system for the 65-nm design node.

Development of such equipment package will enable the following:

substantially improve technological level of the microelectronics makers in the Republic of Belarus;

will stimulate production of import-substituting equipment based on competitive electronic components;

increase competitiveness of domestic equipment in foreign markets;

boost export potential of the Republic of Belarus.

 Our R&D activities are financed from the following sources:

  • state budget of the Republic of Belarus;
  • extra-budgetary funds (development of design documentation, fabrication, adjustment and testing of prototype systems, manufacture);
  • resources provided under concluded agreements and foreign trade contracts (within the scope of joint Belarusian-Russian science and technical programs, as well as contracts with companies from the near- and far-abroad countries);
  • resources provided by the Innovation Fund of the Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Belarus , the Belarusian Innovation Fund and banking credits;
  • company net profit.

KBTEM-OMO is involved in the following activities:

- development, fabrication, adjustment and testing of new equipment according to the government programs: Microelectronics, Information Technologies, Optotech, Technologies and Equipment of the Engineering Industry;

- design and development works within the framework of the joint Belarusian-Russian programs: Triad and Functional Microwave Electronics-2";

- experimental development, funded by the innovation fund of the Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Belarus  and the Belarusian innovation fund .

Altogether the company carries out more than 70 projects, including 12 projects funded by means of the State budget