Making optical components

Our enterprise has its own optical production since 1967. Within the programs of extension of optical production appeared  processing, vacuum-evaporation, inspection equipment of such companies as «Loh», «Data», «Moller Wedel», «Oriel», «Leubold Heraus» and others. A wide range of inspection, calibration and measurement devices has been developed and produced. Has The line of own equipment assemblies has been developed, including equipment assemblies for thin-walled reflectors by vacuum bending, for lens centering in mounting; for assembly, adjustment and testing of  precise projection lens. The new manufacturing methods of processing new glass grades has been implemented; has been solved manufactured problems arising by producing complicated prisms such as Amici, roof-shape and others. So, it is possible to produce precise optical assemblies and components.

Optical components and optical coating:

- lens (including diffraction), prisms, wafers, magnifying glass;

- bifocal spheroprismatic components;

- spherical aerostatic  bearings;

- reflectors, obtained by vacuum bending;

- certified and testing photomasks;

- extra precise grids, masks, scales; linear and angular targets, limbs, raster grids;

- diffraction grating (including dividing grating, redistributing radiation in equal intensity), diffraction focuser, laser radiation converters (including converters into line, dots range, intersecting lines, ring);

- microlens rasters on the optical glass and cylindrical lens;

- components cells biraster;

- diffusers, homogenizers;

- optical coatings: interference, polarize, antireflected.