Manufacture of molds
  • The tool making facility manufactures moulds for die casting of plastics, elastomers, casting press-forms for aluminum alloys, stamps, appliances and special cutting tools for the metal machining facility.
  • The tool production co-operates with other workshops of the plant for heat treatment of the parts (hardening, carburizing, saturation with C), while machining and finishing large-sized parts, for precision measurements, galvanic operations.
  • The tool production also co-operates with other enterprises where it is possible to make chemical, thermal operations (nitriding- N satiation, cyanidation - C+N satiation), coordinate milling operations at 1000 х 1000mm field, order ferrous metal casting and nonferrous casting, make electrospark operations.
  • Molds’ testing is carried out on thermoplastic automatic machine model 800/315 CDC, control system UNILOG 4000B, larger moulds with injection volume exceeding 400 cm3 can be tested at one of the plants manufacturing TV set housings.
  • ProEngineer is used during development of molds and marks and also it is possible to use SolidWorks and AutoCAD.