EМ-5084BM Wafer Stepper

The wafer stepper is designed for alignment and die-by-die exposure of wafers in the production of LSIs, VLSIs and other electronics devices.

The stepper operation is based on the step and repeat transfer (multiplication) of reduced in size reticle image onto a prefocused and aligned with the reticle image plane semiconductor wafer oriented with reference to special alignment marks placed on its working surface.



Operating wavelength, nm404
Photolithographic resolution, µm0.8
Reduction ratio1:5
Throughput (150 mm diameter wafer ), wafers per hour50
Maximum working field size, mm16 х 16
Alignment accuracy random component, nm±100
Wafer diameter (changeable), mm100, 150, 200
Reticle size, mm127 х127
Reticle library capacity, pcs10
Power consumption, not more than, kW 4