EМ-5026АМ Mask Aligner

EM-5026AM system is designed to align the photomask pattern with the wafer (substrate) pattern and to transfer the pattern from the photomask onto the wafer (substrate) through contact (proximity) exposure of the wafer photoresist layer.

EM-5026AM features the following automatic systems:
- wafer loading from a cassette;
- centering and orientation with reference to primary flat;
- preliminary fine orientation;
- wafer loading on a chuck;
- wafer wedge and thickness compensation without contact with the photomask;
- operator controlled alignment proximity;
- alignment mark alignment error definition on photomasks and wafers;
- exposure of wafer photoresist layer;
- unloading to another cassette;
- energy saving mode.


Working wavelengths*, nm225-260; 280-335; 350-450
Photolithography resolution, µm0.4 ... 0.7
Illumination uniformity across 110 mm diameter working field, %±2.5
Alignment accuracy random component, μm±0.1
Wafer diameter*, mm50; 60; 76; 100; 60x48
Mask size*, mm102x102;127x127
Alignment manipulator drive sensitivity: 
- along X, Y, μm0.01
- angular, seconds0.1
Microscope with two split fields of view and smooth magnification adjustment: 
- OM 0.4/8 objectives and 10x eyepieces 150х ... 480х
- OM 0.2/14 objectives and 10x eyepieces90х ... 250х
Power consumption, not more than, W800
*Subject to customer requirements