EМ-5026B Double-Side Mask Aligner

The EM-5026B system is designed to perform a contact (proximity) exposure of the top (front) side of a wafer or a substrate through alignment of the photomask pattern with the pattern on the bottom (back) side of the wafer or substrate.

EM-5026B features the following automatic systems:
- high precision pre-orientation;
- wafer loading/unloading on a chuck;
- wafer wedge and thickness compensation without contact with the photomask;
- automatic alignment proximity adjustment;
- photoresistive layer exposure on wafers;
- energy saving mode.

Semiautomatic wafer loading/unloading.


Working wavelengths*, nm225-260; 280-335; 350-450
Photolithography resolution, µm0.4 ... 1.0
Illumination uniformity across 110 mm diameter working field, %±2.5
Alignment accuracy random component: 
- one side alignment, µm±0.2
- with reference to marks on the back side, µm±1
Wafer diameter*, mm40; 50; 60; 76; 100
Mask size*, mm76x76; 102x102;127x127
Alignment manipulator drive sensitivity: 
- along X, Y, µm0.01
- angular, seconds0.1
Power consumption, not more than, W900
*Subject to customer requirements