EМ-6419 Wafer flatness inspection system


EМ-6419 Wafer flatness inspection system

The tool is designed for interferometric inspection of the working surface flatness of polished wafers. 

Flatness deviation is described by global parameters set- GF3D, GF3R, GFLD, GFLR, GBID, GBIR, BOW, SORI, local parameters- SFLR, SFLD, SF3R, SF3D in accordance with the SEMI Standards.

The tool has three operating modes:
- automatic;
- continuous sorting into three sorts;
- research.

Information on wafer flatness shape (module height map, module sort map, relief cross section of wafer surface in any defined direction and 3D image surface relief, etc) can be displayed on the screen, printed out and save to Exel file.



Inspected wafer diameter, mm100, 150, 200
Global parameters inspection error in a free state (BOW, SORI), µm±2.5
Global parameters inspection error (GFLR, GFLD. GF3R. GF3D, GBID, GBIR), µm±0.1
Local parameters inspection error (SFLR, SFLD, SF3R, SF3D), µm±0.05
Thickness inspection range, µm300 ... 800
Thickness inspection error, µm ±2.0
Inspection throughput, wafer/hour80