EМ-6129 Automatic unpatterned wafer defect inspection system

EМ-6129 Automatic unpatterned wafer defect inspection system

EМ-6129 is designed to inspect unpatterned wafers for surface сontamination.

The system allows both to perform final inspection at wafer fabs and the incoming inspection in the production of chips.



Minimal detectable defect size, nm 28 nm High sensitivity, LT
45 nm Low sensitivity, HT
Detection channel number 2
Wafer diameter 150, 200, 300 mm
Throughput (wafer/hour) 120
Non-flatness inspection available
Laser source continuous solid-state laser, λ =355 nm, (100 – 200) mW
Beam incidence 3 modes: normal, oblique, Bright Field
Collection 2 channels – wide and narrow
Detection PMT sensor module
Scan mode scanstage rotation with radial motion (spiral scanning)
Scan spot size 2 modes:
– high sensitivity, low throughput – 10х100 um,
– low sensitivity, high throughput – 10х300 um
200 mm wafer scan time – high sensitivity – 50 s,
– low sensitivity - 20 s
Focusing automatic
Visual channel Optical Microscope with 0.1-0.45 um resolution and 0.3 mm field with image displaying (λ=365 nm, К=24, NA=0.5)
Number of displays 2: one for defect displaying and one for operator interface
Cassette station type open cassette stations, or different station types upon request