Planar JSC
EМ-5634 CCD Stepper

EМ-5634 CCD stepper is designed to enable photolithography processes in the production of super large matrix and linear CCDs.

The main feature of EМ-5634 is a large working field of the projection lens (50x50 and 35x100) mm with high resolution of 1 µm.

Wafer diameter, mm 100,150
Reticle size, mm 152x152 (6"х6")
Photolithography resolution (L/S), µm 1
Depth of focus, µm 6
Working field, mm 50x50,100x35
Projection imaging scale 1:1
Automatic scale correction range, ppm ±20
Lens distortion, not more than, µm ±0.3
Wavelength, nm i-line 365.05
Mercury lamp power, kW 5
Exposure irradiation power, mW/cm2 140
Irradiation uniformity, % ±3
Exposure dose error, % ±1.5
Overlay accuracy (3σ), µm ±0.2
Power consumption, not more than, kW 6.5