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EМ-5434M High density integration PCB stepper


EМ-5434M High density integration PCB stepper

EM-5434M stepper is designed to enable a lithography process in the production of PCBs (IC Substrate) for flip-chip packaging (BGA/CSP). 

The universality of the tool lies in capability to work with thick photoresist (50µm) and to control the resist side wall angle.



Lens resolution L/S, µm 8
Lens working field, mm 70x250; 85x228
Projection imaging scale 1:1
Automatic scale correction range, ppm ±1000
Lens distortion, no more than, µm ±2.5
Depth of focus, µm ±100
Working wavelengths i-(365nm)
Exposure light power density in the PCB panel plane, mW/cm2 220
Irradiation uniformity in the image plane, not less than, % ±5
Exposure dose error, % ±3
Reticle size, mm 254х305
Max substrate size, mm 610x610
Power consumption, not more than, kW 7