EМ-6029B Automatic mask inspection system

The EМ-6029B system is designed for automatic inspection of master and work photomasks having transparent and opaque defects: pindots, pinholes, protrusions, mouse bites, shorts between features, breaks, corner rounding, size shifts, etc.
The automatic defect inspection is realized through a die-to-database comparison method. The automatic inspection over, an operator can observe the defects in a binocular microscope or on a display screen.

Minimum detected defect size, µm 0.5
Inspection time of 100х100mm area, min 40
Inspection time of 100х100mm area with doubled pixel(1.0µm), min 20
Working field size, mm 153х153
X-Y stage resolution, nm 10
Visual channel magnification factor 560
Reference image feature size correction range, nm 100 ... 500
Defect programmed filtering range, µm 0.5 ... 5.0
Pellicle frame maximum height (at each side of a mask), mm 8
Power consumption, not more than, kW 1.5