EM-6729B Automatic mask inspection system

EM-6729B system is designed for automatic inspection of patterns of the photomasks having transparent and opaque defects.

Automatic defect inspection is enabled by comparison of the mask pattern obtained in transmitted light to the reference pattern produced by the pattern database, followed by defect list generation upon automatic inspection completion. Defect displaying to the operator is available.



Minimum detected defect size, µm0.15
Inspection time of 100x100mm area, min40
Inspection time of 100x100mm area with doubled pixel, min25
Maximum working field size, mm153х153
Defect programmed filtering range, µm0.15 ... 1.5
Pellicle frame maximum height, mm6,5
Data formatsGDSII, MEBES, DXF
Power consumption, not more than, kW2
Defect presentation in off- and online modes upon inspection completion is available.