EМ-6929 Automatic mask inspection system


The EM-6929 system is a high-end tool developed for 65-45 nm technology nodes. The system automatically inspects reticles and work masks.

Operator can observe defects on display in transmitted and reflected light. After completion of inspection cycle, the defect list is formed and the operator can observe the defects on a display screen.

Inspection methods:
-image comparison in transmitted and reflected light.

Minimum detected defect size, nm 65
Working field size, mm 153x153
Mask size, inch 5, 6, 7
Mask thickness, mm 2.3 ... 6.4
Inspection throughput, mm2/s 2.5 (pixel 90 nm)
Pixel size, nm 65, 90,150, 250
Defect programmed filtering range, pixels 1, 2, ...10
Data formats* ZBA, GDS, DXF, EМ-5x09,
EМ-5х89, 3600F, MEBESl
Pellicle frame height, mm 6
Power consumption, not more than, kW 1.8
*other format are optional  


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