EМ-6015M Automated defect inspection system


EМ-6015M Automated defect inspection system

The tool is intended for automated detection of defects and debris on mask including masks protected on both sides with pellicles and wafer surfaces. The inspection combines light and dark field illumination modes in reflected and transmitted light.

Main features:

  • automated operation, user programmed inspection route;
  • automated defect data processing (image, coordinates, dimensions) with data saving to database;
  • automatic focusing;
  • extended focal distance lenses;
  • touch screen;
  • design modularity.



Numerical apertures of a set of lenses 0.03 ... 0.5
Magnification range 20х ... 500х
Lens working distance, mm 11
Linear fields of view, mm 0.45 ... 10
Range of inspected dimensions, µm 1 - 120
Data presentation resolution under linear dimension assessment, µm 0.01
XY stage travel, mm 200х200
XY stage speed range, mm/s 0.02 ... 20
XY stage motion step, µm 1.0
Power consumption, not more than, W  500