EМ-5131 Laser-based mask defect repair system


EМ-5131 Laser-based mask defect repair system

The tool allows to repair masks with various masking coating: chromium, chromium oxide, and iron oxide.

Main features:

  • removal of opaque defects;
  • repair of transparent defects;
  • femtosecond laser allows to perform damage-free processing of the mask substrate;
  • TV observation of defect finding, alignment and stage travel to the specified zone of a defect;
  • angular mask orientation and reference system binding;
  • process parameter setting in automatic and manual modes.



Minimum diametr of defects under repaired, µm:
- transparent  0.25
- opaque 0.25
Working field size, mm 160х160
Angular position of an area under repair, degrees,° 0...90
Accuracy of laser beam pointing at an opaque defect, nm 100
Opaque defect programmable size resolution, nm 100
Power consumption, not more than, kW 4