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EМ-5062 Photorepeater


EМ-5062 Photorepeater

The EМ-5062M photorepeater is designed for the manufacturing of metallized master patterns and work photomasks in the production of semiconductor devices and IСs by the projection transfer technique.



Photolithographic resolution on 10x10 mm die
(line/space structures), no more than, µm
Throughput at 0.5s exposure time, 10x10 mm die (61 dice)
on 127x127 mm substrate, not less than, masks per hour
Working field size, not less than, mm 150х150
Objective lens reduction ratio 1:10
Maximum die size on a mask, mm 10х10
Non-reproducibility of a feature size on a line/space structure at 1.2 µm line width, no more than, nm 200
Mask blank sizes, mm 76x76; 102х102; 127х127; 153х153
Reticle sizes, mm 102x102; 127х127
Power consumption, not more than, kW 1.8