Planar JSC
EM-5489B Multichannel laser pattern generator



DUV-based EM-5589 generator is intended for fabrication of 65 nm node VLSI photomasks as well as direct writing on wafers in 250 nm node microelectronics fabrication.

Along with mask fabrication on blanks made of quartz and optical glass, the generator enables direct IC pattern writing on wafers made of various materials, i.e. maskless process.

The generator enables 65 nm node mask fabrication and has the following additional capabilities:

  • Phase-shift mask fabrication;
  • Mask fabrication based on double masking process;
  • OPC mask fabrication.



Exposure field size, mm 215х215
Exposure time of 100х100 mm area 1 hour in single-pass mode
Nominal laser spot size for half of maximal intensity, not more than, nm 150
Dimensions uniformity, not more than, nm 20
Edge roughness, not more than, nm 20
Overlay accuracy, not more than, nm 30