Optical and mechanical components

Our enterprise has its own optical production since 1967. Within the programs of extension of optical production appeared  processing, vacuum-evaporation, inspection equipment of companies. A wide range of inspection, calibration and measurement devices has been developed and produced. Has The line of own equipment assemblies has been developed, including equipment assemblies for thin-walled reflectors by vacuum bending, for lens centering in mounting; for assembly, adjustment and testing of  precise projection lens. The new manufacturing methods of processing new glass grades has been implemented; has been solved manufactured problems arising by producing complicated prisms such as Amici, roof-shape and others. So, it is possible to produce precise optical assemblies and components.

In instrumental production of a plant mastered the development and production of molds for casting under pressure of plastics, elastomers; transfer molds under pressure of aluminum alloys, die tooling; accessories and special cutting tools for machining process production.

Our enterprise develops and produces a wide range of linear pulse models such as single-axis, double-axis, multiple-axis, rotary, including with feedback since 1963. 

In addition to standard produced models we can develop and manufacture linear pulse models and assemblies according to the customers demands.