Equipment for mask pattern generation and inspection

The range of the equipment for making the patterns on photomasks includes pattern generators, automatic inspection systems, laser photomask repair systems and photorepeaters.Development and production of the all models range is based on the long-term design and production experience of our company using the most update technology.

Development and production of the full set of the equipment for the photomask pattern manufacturing is a unique feature which allows to have significant advantages over competitors:
- the possibility of receiving overall compatibility of tools frames;
- the same control algorithms of stages travel;
- united approach to compensation construction of coordinate system;
- uniform system of design data converting for pattern generator and mask inspection system;
- the possibility of creating united data format by forming of database topology defects and defects classification;
- maximum unification of control system, user-friendly interface in Russian, so significantly reduce the cost of personnel training and equipment maintenance.



Precision pattern generators


Special application pattern generator


Automatic Laser Mask Blank Non-flatness Inspection System




Automatic mask inspection


Laser-based mask defect repair systems

 Systems for inspection of work masks