Planar JSC

Deputy director - Chief Engineer
Was born in Vitebsk in 1946.
In 1968 he graduated from the Byelorussian State University, where his speciality was: radio physics and electronics.
After graduating he worked as assistant - researcher at the Institute of Physics of Academy of Science of Byelorussian Republic, defended candidate dissertation.
He works at  KBTEM-OMO since 1975 as chief of laboratory of laser systems. In 1987 – head of optical department, 1988 – head of scientific and technical complex of opto – mechanic and of inspection and measurement equipment.
Since 1991 – director of “KBTEM-OMO” R&D, since 1992 – vice-president of “Planar” concern, director of “KBTEM-OMO”. The head of some optiko-design  developments of opto-mechanical equipment, including joint developments with “Samsung” (Korea) and SPEI (China).
In 1998 he was appropriated academic status of Professor on speciality of radio- and microelectronics.
In 1998 - a foreign member of Academy of Engineering Sciences named after A.M. Prokhorov.
In 2000 he was awarded the State Prize of the Republic of Belarus for the work on development and adoption in production of a competitive suite of precise equipment used for manufacture of high-precision master patterns of the electronics products.
In 2005 - the chairman of the State committee on science and technologies of the Republic of Belarus 
In 2006 he was awarded Anniversary "10 years from the date of unification of the people of Belarus and Russia", a sign for merits.
In 2009 - chief engineer of “KBTEM-OMO” UE.

The author of 32 inventions, 172 publications, including 5 monographies.

Reception hours on personal issues: Wednesday 16.00 - 18.00; telephone +375 17 226 12 05