EМ-5162 Photorepeater

EM-5162 Photorepeater

The photorepeater is intended for fabrication of metalized master patterns and work photomasks in production of semiconductor devices and integrated circuits by projection imaging.


The photorepeater operates in automatic mode and is remotely controlled by the operator. Photorepeater operation is based on sequential transfer of the reduced reticle pattern on the mask blank. The Tool operates in sequence in the following automatic modes:

  • mask blank loading from the feeding cassette to the coordinate stage carriage holder;
  • mask blank holding on the work stage;
  • transfer of reduced reticle pattern and automatic focusing on each module;
  • mask unloading after exposure to the receiving cassette;
  • library for reticle selection and change (10 pcs.).



Throughput at 0.35 s exposure time and 10 х 10 mm die on
127 х 127 mm substrates (61 modules)
35 photomasks/hour,
not less than
Coordinate stage carriage travel area(200 х 200) mm
Coordinate stage carriage positioning accuracy along Х and Y±0.25 um, not more than
Coordinate stage carriage positioning irreproducibility along X and Y0.2 um, not more than
Objective lens reduction ratio1:5
Maximal photomask module size(16 х 16) mm
Minimal feature size on module field:
(10 х 10) mm
(16 х 16) mm
0.7 um
0.8 um
Minimal feature size (line, space) irreproducibility±0.1 um, not more than
Mask blank size5” x 5” (127 х 127) mm
6” x 6” (153 х 153) mm
7” x 7” (178 х 178) mm
Reticle size5” x 5” (127 х 127) mm
Weight2900 kg


Operation conditions

Optical unit: Class 100 clean room. Control unit: Class 10000 clean room. Power supply: 230 VAC, 50 Hz; power consumption: not more than 3kW; footprint 12 m2 (8 m2 in Class 100 room and 4 m2 in Class 10000 room).