EM-6439 Submicron size inspection system



EM-6439 is a high throughput measurement system intended for automatic pattern size inspection in process layers on wafers, MEMS, UHF PCBs and other microelectronic items which need fully automatic inspection or engineering research.


The system enables:

  • CD inspection down to 0.5 um design rule process;
  • Overlay alignment inspection down to 0.18 um design rule process;
  • Observation and record of layer patterns in monochrome light with hardware-supported magnification up to 5000x or those on color with magnification up to 200x.


  • Use of LED;
  • Rigid granite-based stand design;
  • Telecentric optics;
  • Optical hardware- and software-based autofocus methods;
  • Use of SMIF;
  • Robotic loading/unloading;
  • Use of IT;
  • Calibration by certified dimension measurement on test masks.

Automated operations for operator’s convenience and throughput increase:

  • Pattern size inspection.
  • Inspectable structure part navigation.
  • Light intensity adjustment.
  • Automatic focusing.
  • Horizontal and vertical sample motion.
  • Magnification change (objective lens changeover).
  • Loading/unloading.
  • Statistical inspection data processing.



Dimension inspection range, um0,5 - 30
Dimension detection range, um0,35 - 50
Inspection repeatability within inspection range (3σ), nm6
Wafer diameter, mm100, 150, 200
Coordinate stage travel along X and Y, mm200х200
Inspection throughput, not less than, wafer/hour70
Control unit power consumption, not more than, W800
Overall dimensions (opto-mechanical unit), L×W×H, mm1000х1240х1300
Weight (opto-mechanical unit), kg600