EM-5126 Mask Aligner

 EM-5126 Mask Aligner   EM-5126 Mask Aligner

EM-5126 is the first fully automatic mask aligner developed by Planar JSC.

This device has a complete set of automatic units: loading wafers from cassettes, orientation on the base cut, transfer to the alignment table, thickness calibration, flatness alignment, alignment with a photomask, positioning at predetermined imaging gap, imaging and unloading of the wafer into the cassette.


Wafer diameter, mm150
Wafer thickness, mm0.4 ... 0.8
Mask size, mm177.8х177.8
Mask thickness, mm3.15; 3.9; 6.45
Photolithography resolution for vacuum contact, um, not more than0.6 ... 0.8
Primary exposure mode throughput (without alignment time; for 1 s exposure time), wafers/hour140
Automatic alignment time (±0.5 to ±0.05 um preset accuracy), s10 ... 60
Gap between mask and wafer for alignment and exposure, um 0 ... 40
Exposure wavelength range*, nm225-260; 280-330;350-450
Ø150 mm workfield illumination non-uniformity, %, not more than±2.5
Microscope-to-23” display color image magnification, x (Automatic focusing. Automatic illumination adjustment.)250; 500; 1000
Adjustable distance between microscope objective lens axes, mm80 ... 130
Mercury-xenon lamp power (DRKs-500), W500
Power consumption, W, not more than 855
Weight, kg450
Overall dimensions, L х W х H, mm1290 х 1225 х 1550
*To be specified before PO