EM-5231 system is intended for repair of 5”, 6”, 7”, 9” masks with opaque and transparent defects: mouse bites, protrusions, shorts between features, corner rounding etc.
The system enables repair of 2.2 mm to 6.45 mm masks with various coating types: chrome, chrome oxide, iron oxide.

Optical density and adhesive properties of repairable transparent and opaque defects are in compliance with SEMI standards. The system is in compliance with the interstate laser tool safety standard IEC 60825-1-2013, technical regulations of the Customs Union 004/2011 (low voltage equipment safety).

The System has Certificates of Compliance with the following international standards and directives: SEMI S2-0818Ea, SEMI S8-0218, EN 60204-33:2011, 2006/42/EC Annex I, EN 60204-33:2011.



Isolated defect repairYes
Edge defect repairYes
Pellicle-through repairYes
Use of defect files from inspection toolsYes
Patter copy repairYes
Operation in transmitted lightYes
Operation in reflected lightYes
Illuminator wavelength258 nm
Laser wavelength258 nm evaporation
488 nm deposition
Laser pulse time<300 fs
Objective lenses120x, 80x, 40x, 7.5x
Travel range along Z5 mm
Repair part rotation for evaporation+\- 45°
Mask load typeSemiautomatic
Operational stability≥96% Uptime
Footprint 15 m2



Objective lens magnification120x80x40x
Objective lens working distance7.2 mm7.1 mm7.5 mm
Maximum pellicle height6.3 mm6.3 mm6.3 mm
XY stage minimum step size10 nm10 nm10 nm
XY stage defect navigation accuracy±2 um±2 um±2 um
Edge placement accuracy±50 nm±70 nm±100 nm
Opaque defects:YesYesYes
Minimum edge defect size150 nm250 nm500 nm
Minimum isolated defect size150 nm250 nm500 nm
Minimum trench width300 nm500 nm1000 nm
Transparent defect: 75x 
Transparent defect repairN/AYesN/A
Minimum edge defect sizeN/A400 nm*N/A
Minimum isolated defect sizeN/A400 nm*N/A
Minimum trench widthN/A800 nm*N/A


* Free space around the defect should be ≤ 0.5 um. Repair of transparent defects is performed by deposition with subsequent evaporation.